R.U. Active Massage Therapy - Stay Healthy. Achieve Your Goals.
R.U. Active Massage Therapy is here to help the people of Northeastern Pennsylvania achieve their fitness goals.  Successful people in the community will build a successful community!
Our team of Licensed Massage Therapists specializes in meeting the wellness needs of the everyday athletes of NEPA.  We are excited to help athletes of all types achieve their personal, team and fitness goals. 
R.U. Active Massage Therapy is different from other massage practices because we specialize in sports massage and personal training.  Our clients keep coming back because we are runners ourselves and we understand the mentality of an athlete.  They see us at local races and along the roads and trails working as hard as they are to meet their goals.
Our therapy meets the wellness needs of athletes by keeping their muscles, ligaments and joints healthy.  We offer health maintenance, a concept that many athletes don’t take advantage of.  We will change the thinking of the athlete, keeping them healthy and free from injury, giving them an edge both mentally and physically. 
We will build a stronger, healthier, more productive community one person at a time!
R.U. Active's Mobile Massage is ideal for:
Race Expos & Finish Lines
Group Workout Sessions
Track/Cross Country  Teams
Gymnastics & Cheerleading
Dance Studios & Teams
the list goes on and on!!!
Let us help you stay healthy and achieve your fitness goals with our specialized sports
Pre & Post Event Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Swedish Massage
Therapeutic Massage
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